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angrybirdomg Apr 2, 2012 at 6:49 pm
good story!!
WhatMakesYouBeau Apr 1, 2012 at 10:01 pm
Hello! I was nominated for 2 awards for EmilyBieberxx's KCA's so I want you to read my blog and Please vote! You are the reason I wake up and shine and show people I am Beautiful! You Aree Beautiful! You just gotta believe!
EmilyBieberxx Apr 1, 2012 at 4:12 pm
Love the eps! Arent they like lili's? Anyways I love em!!
Ariana Support Apr 1, 2012 at 11:36 am
~ Amazing Episode! Liam is Mineee!~
MeGonnaStalkYou Apr 1, 2012 at 2:54 am
Like ur eps Nia :) i no u hate me ... but i dont hate u and...nvm it doesn matter anywayz
Going 1D Apr 1, 2012 at 1:55 am
It's Velvet Queen! Please read my stories and tell me what you think! < 3 ENJOY
Going 1D 's Home
Welcome (:

Hello, I have another account called Velvet Queen. I write stories about one direction. Enjoy Nities! (Nia and Celebrites)

Notice ; If you havent read the 1st episode , its at the bottem. Otherwise ENJOY! I hade a lot of fun making this one!

Episode 2 : Starting of a dream

Liam : Well excuse me for being jealous.

Niall : But you hit Zayn!

Kim : Im gonna go now

Niall & Liam : NO KIM WAI.

Kim : (Already running out door)

Liam : Im sorry bro (Hugs Niall) I didnt know you liked her that much

Niall : It's ok.

(Knocking at door)

Zayn : Ugh, (Rubs head) What happened?

Harry : ( Runs and gets the door )

Louis : Liam hit you.

Zayn: WHHYY!!???!

Louis: Cause you said Kim was Niall's.

Zayn : Oh yea!

Harry : Guys , There is a note at the front step

Louis , Niall , Liam : ( Run to door) Whattt does it sayy?

Harry: (Reading note ; Hello , My name is Valten Burnok *Not real signer i made it up* And i was reacntly walking around town and saw you guys singing in your jeep. I thought you guys sounded pretty well, You should stop by my record label studio , Anytime you can. Sincerly , Valten Burnok 74 Cherry Brooke Ave.

All of them : ITS A DREAM COME TRUEE! < 33

To be continued..?


Episode 1  : She's mine.

Niall: ( Walks in room) Hey Liam!Wait why is every one over but me ? 

Liam: Sorry bro my mom only let me have 3 people over

Niall: Wow thanks (Storms out of room)

Liam: If only he knew.

Louis : Ya i cant belive that he doesnt know why

Zayn: Well Liam you never told him that you felt like that

Harry : Liam it's kind of your fault you never told him you love Kim.

Liam : Well , He should of known

Zayn : Thats your screw up Liam that you will have to fix (Runs out of house)

Harry : Ya. Your on your own bro

At Niall's House

Niall : Kim . Liam is being really rude to me latley

Kim: Dont let him babe i love you.

Niall : I love you too

Niall : (Leans in for kiss)

(Zayn walks inside)

Kim : (Takes her lips off of Niall's) ZAYN GET OUT!

Niall : Zayn?

Zayn: We are in a crisis!

Kim: What happened?


Niall: Im going to kill him.

Zayn: No! Niall calm down

Kim : Baby its ok!

Zayn: Ya Calm down Ni

Niall : I am gonna fix him up! ( Runs out of house)

Kim: Sweetie wait! (Chases after him)

Zayn: Oh . (Chases after both of them)

At Liams house

Niall : (Bolts in) Stay away from my girl!

Kim : (Walks in house and hugs Niall)

Liam : You wanna go?  I love Kim so much. I love her hair and her eyes and the way she smiles.

Niall: Well , Shes mine. The most beautiful girl ever.

Harry: Guys. Calm down and talk it out

Louis: Ya guys calm down its ok.

Zayn : (Runs in house) Stop fighting Liam its Niall's girl

Liam:( Turns around and punches Zyan)

Zayn : Liamm...? (Pes out)

Niall : SEE WHAT YOU DO LIAM. Stay away from my beautiful girlfriend (Runs out of house holding her hand)


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